All our rides are governed by the "Autobus - you get one" rule.

Though we make sure that every rider is in the right group for their fitness level and that no rider is left behind we also have to consider other members of the club.  During the start of the season we understand that everyone, ride leaders included, have to catch their legs again.  However, it is important for us to maintain our rides as advertised in order to stay true to what we said we would deliver.  Having said that, the "you get one" rule works like this: 

You may go with any group you want, however, the ride leader will only wait for you once.

which group ride is right for me?

We have developed the following test to help you answer that question.  Test distance standard is a 60 km solo effort.

less than 60 km at average moving speed 22-24 km/h - JRA

60 km solo at average moving speed of 24-27 km/h  - DAME

60 km solo at average moving speed 24-27 km/h - Breve

60 km solo at average moving speed of 27-29 km/h  - AUTOBUS aka "the bus"

60 km solo at average moving speed of 30 km/h +     - BRIDGE

Ride Schedule:

please note that in April our rides start at 9am on Sundays

JRA - Wed 6:30pm OAK | Sun 8am OAK

DAME - Wed 6:30pm OAK | Sun 8am OAK

Autobus Breve - Wed 6:30pm OAK | Sun 8am OAK

AUTOBUS - Wed 6pm Toronto | Sun 8am OAK

BRIDGE - Wed 6pm OAK | Sun 8am OAK

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"Just Riding Along" beginner ride where the pace is 24-26 km/h and distances are 40-60 km.  Though this is not a "learn to ride", expectations are still sensible enough to allow you the freedom to familiarize yourself with your bike.  This is a social, co-ed ride that usually ends in a coffee house hangout.  For true beginners there are learn-to-ride clinics held at the start of the season.  Further to this we have a partnership with the cyclingcentre run by Petrina Tulissi.  She offers great beginner classes on Monday evenings which you can find here.  If you are unsure if this ride is for you, please fill out a contact form and we can help guide you.

6:30 PM Wednesday, Oakville - a slightly more challenging JRA version 

8:00 AM Sunday, Oakville


An intermediate level women's ride.  Distances are increased as the season moves forward topping out at 80km with a few special event rides around 100km in distance.  There is a formal group ride structure and riders are expected to follow the etiquette.  Group focuses on developing 2x2 group riding skills over all terrains.  Speed will range 26-28 km/h average.  This ride is for any female looking to improve her group riding skills.  If you typically ride on your own around 25-28 km/h but are looking to be part of a team style group ride, this would be a good place to start.  Though focused on developing group riding skills through a more structured ride etiquette, rides are quite social in nature.

6:30 PM Wednesday, Oakville - a more challenging Dame experience.

8:00 AM Sunday Morning, Oakville


Autobus Breve

This ride is a shorter version of our highly structured Autobus ride.  It is meant to cater to cyclists short on time on Sunday mornings.  This group casually rolls out with an average moving speed of 26-28km/h, topping out at 50-80km during the season.  This is a great option for anyone looking to be out for less than 3hrs.  It also allows you an opportunity to go out and ride without the worry of where to turn off to get home on time, or the worry about riding home by yourself.  Sometimes this just a great recovery ride option!

6:30 PM Wednesday, Oakville - a more challenging Breve group ride.

8:00 AM Sunday Morning, Oakville


A highly structured intermediate level ride.  This is the true autobus.  You'll have to work, but you'll make it.  Riders are expected to ride in a formal double pace-line, tight and to the right.  Each rider will take a short turn on the front to help the group share the workload.  Goal of this group is to ensure that all riders complete the determined route together by using learned techniques - most of which are taught through on-ride tutorials and video materials available on our site.  Tomfoolery during the ride is not tolerated, however during water breaks it is 'de rigueur'.  This group starts at 80 km in April and tops out at 110 km by June - with a moving speed average of 28-30 km/h. Best part about this group is that it is usually comprised of riders of all weight and power classes, yet we all work together to ride safely, stay together, and have a good time.  

This is for any rider, male or female, looking for a structured group ride that is safe and predictable. Please be aware that there is a minimum expectation of fitness - you can ride solo for 60 km+ at about 28 km/h moving average.  One way to succeed within this group is to grow your riding volume as the season progresses and follow the group riding etiquette.  If you typically ride once per week, moving past July you may find the rides quite challenging - but there is always an option to let the ride leader know that you are turning off at some point.  An ideal scenario is where you grow your riding volume with the group on Sundays, and add one more, slightly more intense, ride during the week - perhaps you ride BRIDGE on Wednesdays.

6:00 PM Wednesday Evening - High Park, Toronto - a fun urban ride through High Park and neighbouring South Kingsway.  There often are guest riders, with rides ending with Pizza or Ice Cream if so desired.

8:00 AM Sunday Morning, Oakville


Our advanced ride for riders wishing to leave the AUTOBUS and bridge the gap to the leading group, so to speak.  Expectation is that you have already been riding for a few seasons, and are familiar with group ride etiquette. This group can be quite spirited, especially during the Wednesday evening slot. Though it is a much quicker pace, riders will still look out for each other, and decide on sensible regroup points.  Distances build during the season from 80-120 km on Sundays, with a Wednesday overall average speed ranging from 30-33 km/h.

The midweek ride leaving from Munn's Church is shorter and quite quick.  All our more seasoned members are encouraged to  participate.  This creates a unique opportunity for some of the less experienced members to come out and challenge themselves - bring a cellphone, memorize the route, and hold that wheel for as long as you can.

6:00 PM Wednesday, Oakville - a challenging Wednesday evening experience, highly recommended for any non-bridge rider looking to toughen up.

8:00 AM Sunday, Oakville