who we are

We are a Not-For-Profit road cycling club.  2017 was our inaugural year and we are looking forward to meeting new members and growing relationships over many years to come.  We are OCA registered and offer women's and men's club rides in both Oakville and Toronto areas.  As cyclists we are a tight knit community and extend support to local businesses and our members.  In order to keep true to our community support mandate, we will participate as a club in 2018 WHEELS FOR THE DARLING HOME FOR KIDS rides - this participation is optional for our members however as a club we wish to affiliate with this cause for the 2018 riding season.  

We welcome riders of all abilities, and by reading on we are hoping you will be able to find a right fit within one of our group rides.  Our slogan is  JRA - for "just riding along" to signify our love of the simple joy of just riding a bike, as well it is our entry level ride through which we embrace riders new to the sport.


what is autobus

"Autobus" is a French term for a group of cyclists that forms behind the leading group of the peloton.  This group typically appears on mountain stages when non-climbers start to fall off the back of the main group.  Comprised of sprinters, domestiques, flat-stage specialists, and sometimes even injured riders, this rag-tag bunch bands together and continues on towards the finish.  It does so by putting aside any team differences and banding together to finish the stage and ride another day. 

Since the main interest of the Autobus is arriving at the finish line before the time cut-off, there is a great sense of camaraderie and enjoyment of cycling within the group.  Riders look out for each other, share water and food, and work together to beat the clock - despite riding for different teams.

We approach club riding with the same ethos, a convivial attitude and the joy of riding, . We are inclusive, embrace diversity, support our members and community partners, and try not to take ourselves too seriously.  Our JRA group is an entry level ride for novices, DAME offers women's programming, AUTOBUS is our core, and BRIDGE group is for the antsy rider looking to "close the gap to the main group".

We are Autobus.


Here's a great article by Bernie Eisel about the role "autobus" plays in the Pro Peloton, "The Last Bus Home"


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