Welcome to autobus|STATS.  This is a page dedicated to keeping score, spicing up the group ride, and bruising egos.  This is the page where we keep track of our club competition, and it goes something like this.  

We have a list of challenge categories that you can sign up for.  So if you're a climber, sign up for the KOM challenge.  If you're a long distance rider, sign up for the most milage.  If you don't feel like signing up for any that's ok too, just come out, ride, and cheer on.  There will be lots of opportunity for recognition through member excellence awards, like "most improved rider", "most rides attended", "domestique", etc.  These will be nominated by the ride leaders and voted on by members, with all awards presented at the end of the season.  

autobus|STATS competition will run on Sunday rides only, June through August.  Ride leaders will keep score and keep the chart below updated.

How do you collect points?  Well, 1st place 5pts, 2nd place 3pts, 3rd place 1pt.  Scores will be tallied each week.

To keep things even spicier, there will be wildcard "2X" and "3X" point events clearly announced prior to some rides throughout the competition.  This could be your chance to even the score!

There is a catch however.  You must be a member of Autobus Cycling Club, our STRAVA page, and you can only register for one event, so choose wisely.


Awards you must register for to get a prize:

For all KOM/QOM and Sprint sections: segments will be announced prior to the rides and must be completed during the club ride.

Most Distance Ridden: simple, just ride as many kms as you can between June 1st and August 31st, on the road.

Most Club Rides Ridden: upload your strava activity to be counted for participation.  We ride Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Sundays and an occasional added holiday.  We also have rides that are in Toronto.  You must ride, and upload your ride on STRAVA to be counted.

Social Media Star: most creative use of instagram to highlight the Autobus Cycling Club.  We want you to post to instagram, use fun hashtags, and tag @autobuscc for your post to be counted.


Excellence Awards you don't have to register for:

Every member is automatically entered into these by the virtue of signing up with the club.

Domestique Award: Rider that is selfless and helps other riders during a ride to motivate them and stay with the pack.

JRA Award: a rider that truly embodies the spirit of "just riding along".

Swag Award: rider that really rocks the Autobus Cycling Kit and makes it their own, kind of like a best dressed award.  We all know that Marko will give us a run for our money but he can be beaten!

Most Improved: Easy to participate in and be considered.  Just come out and work hard in getting better by following ride leader instruction, and group ride etiquette.


Women's Segment Challenge

in ride segment challenge

Most Club Rides Attended

count of rides attended

Men's Distance Leader

most kms ridden may 6 - august 31

Most Rides per week

most rides ridden in a week, 1hr minimum, 8hrs apart

Men's Segment Challenge

in ride strava segment challenge

Women's KOM

Women's KOM challenge

Women's Distance Leader

most kms ridden may 6 - august 31

Social Media Star

creative use of instagram to highlight our autobus cycling club